Our FLEXI manufacturing expands again with great sales for 2020

The future seems to be approaching ever faster nowadays, which is why, as a business, we are always working to stay one step ahead of the changes and developments needed to meet the changing demands of our customer base of world-class integrators and material handling project managers and the global brands that use and trust our FLEXI range of conveyors daily in their businesses.

Over the last twelve months, our Flexi Conveyor System has seen exponential growth due to its modular and portable specification, allowing it to be assembled to the customer’s unique requirements and easily stored away when not required.

Beginning in early 2021 we doubled the capacity of our Flexi Conveyor department with the installation and integration of a full production and assembly mezzanine floor to meet the growing demand for the increased orders.

Our Flexi Conveyor Systems are available up to 30m and compacts to a 1/3 of their full size when not in use. The portable system offers low maintenance. AC Motor with no brushes, and can also provide total stability and withstand rigorous demands in day-to-day operations.

If your business requires a Portable Conveyor System with an easy to use/store/move solution we believe our Flexi range could be the solution.

Maximum usability with Flexi configurations:
✅ Powered,
✅ Zero Line pressure
✅ Gravity
✅ Inter-connectable
✅ Skatewheel

Powered Applications
Perfect for vehicle loading and unloading, parcel distribution centres, machine-to-machine linking and all cross-docking applications.

Can be easily moved in or out of trucks for faster, safer, easier loading and unloading:
✅ Zero Line pressure
✅ Smart Optics
✅ Indexing
✅ Inter-connectable

Some of the many benefits of Flexi:
✅ Adjustable height
✅ Self-tracking
✅ Modular / configurable
✅ Braked swivel castors

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