Conveyor Units are pleased to be supporting customers with their energy and cost saving initiatives. 

Energy efficiency is one of the most important challenges that many businesses face today. At Conveyor Units, we are constantly developing ways to support our customers and end users with their sustainability goals. Through dedicated innovation and testing, we are pleased to be launching, ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ into the market.  At a time where there is increased focus on both environmental impact and rising energy bills, ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ aims to reduce a user’s carbon footprint and save money on electricity*.

‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ is solution suitable for a Zero Line Pressure ‘FLEXI’. ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ can turn off sections of the conveyor after a pre-set time when a product has left the zone. The conveyor will automatically turn on again when another product needs to pass through.

The potential cost savings are vast. The below calculations show the savings when ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ has saved just 1 hour per day.

Initial testing shows:

Example 1: 1 off 20 motor ZLP Outbound Conveyor plus control panel with 2.2kw inverter running at approx. 11 amps unloaded Example 2: 1 off 28 motor twin inverter outbound conveyor running at approx. 17 amps unloaded

Assume running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 360 days per year.

Yearly running cost of a ‘FLEXI’ without ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ £3060 £4726
Potential yearly savings with ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ activated for just 1 hour per day. £127 £196

Calculations based on electricity unit cost of £0.14 (not including standing charges or levies)

By utilizing brand new ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ not only is environmental impact and energy use reduced, but there are additional benefits including prolonged life span, increased time between maintenance and a reduction in noise pollution.

If you would like to find out more and see ‘FLEXI Smart Eco’ in action, be sure to visit our stand 5F41 at IMHX next week.

*comparison vs. traditional ZLP ‘FLEXI’ without ‘Smart Eco’