Official OEM Conveyor Units Spares and Parts.
The best ‘Life Support’ you can give your Conveyor Units FLEXI product.

The cost savings often associated with the purchase of non-genuine spare parts can be difficult to dismiss, however, have you considered the longer-term performance of your Conveyor Units machinery and not just the short term financial gains when setting out to repair or refurbish your conveyors?

We consider all parts not supplied or manufactured by Conveyor Units as imitation or copied, as such, it is impossible to guarantee their reliability and they may cause damage to your machine.

Genuine – not necessarily more expensive.
Not only can non-genuine spare parts cause damage to your machine, but they may also result in lower performance and invalidate the machine’s warranty. The potential results are almost always negative.

Now more lockdowns mean more demand on e-commerce, we understand the increasing daily demands of our conveyor systems and offer reliable parts and components service to support the full life-cycle of your machinery.

This increased demand means that even our machinery needs a robust and reliable support service throughout its long life cycle.

✅ That’s why we are committed to providing an effective and efficient spares support service to every one of our customers.

✅ To ensure consistent quality, we operate our own plastic injection moulding facility, press shops, fabrication shops and powder coating plant. A visit to our works would enable you to see components ranging from light-duty plastic bearing cages to pallet handling conveyor frames.

✅ We have over 45 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of class-leading conveyors and conveyor components with the majority of our components are manufactured in house at our UK manufacturing facilities.

This gives us a considerable advantage over our competitors with aspect to price, delivery and quality control, which conforms to BS EN ISO 9002:

✅ We manufacture a full range of conveyor components and spares.

✅ We also stock a large range of components for roller conveyors.

As the UK’s Largest conveyor manufacturer we stock an extensive range of drums, conveyor belting and conveyor components.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the reliability of unofficial parts and their use may affect both the performance and any warranty of your Conveyor Units Ltd machinery.

So, purchasing genuine Conveyor Units Ltd parts will give you peace of mind, reduce costly and repetitive downtime and cost less than you may think.